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Jaclyn Duncan, Flute


Date: 2016
Track: Gershwin Medley
Artist: Lori Joachim Fredrics
Location: Park Ridge, NJ

New Jersey performing musician and vocal coach Lori Joachim Fredrics of Bergen Bel Canto Studio approached me and my long time friend and harpist Patty Turse to record a beautiful medley of songs by Gershwin, specifically arranged for flute, harp and voice trio. We had a lovely time putting this together! I'd never performed as a flute, harp, voice trio before and I must say that I quite like it!
Date: 2018
Track 1: When
Track 13: Don't Say Xie-Xie
Album: The Unraveled
Artist: ash.ØK
Location: Repercussions Studio, Philadelphia

Producer ash.ØK contracted not just me, but two of my fantastic string players as well to work on the opening and closing tracks for his first full length album, "The Unraveled". It was primarily pre-scored, but I had a little fun adding my flute flare here and there on track 1! Other featured artists on the album include Rebecca Loebe, Tina Guo and the West Philly Orchestra. The album is available for purchase digitally on iTunes, Google, Amazon & Spotify, as well as on Ash's website if you want a hard copy (a rarity these days!)- Definitely worth a listen- It's a work of art!

Behind the scenes video for "Don't Say Xie-Xie" below.

Date: 2018
Track: Fi's Theme (See video below)
Artist: Cello Bassett
Location: Los Angeles, CA

This was a really fun project to put together! Awesome studio cellist, Mark Bassett (@mbassett82 on Instagram & Cello Bassett on Youtube) asked me to record the flute parts for "Fi's Theme", a popular theme from the game "Zelda: Skyward Sword". The original features an ocarina on the melody, so I actually pulled my flute headjoint out at least a full inch to drop my pitch a half step and make my tone more airy and organic sounding. It was a REAL challenge not cracking notes with the headjoint so far out, but we were both quite pleased with the finished product! Check out Mark's Youtube and Instagram for lots more incredible split screen cello work- Totally worth the visit.

Date: 2018
Track: Stay The Night
Artist: Paul Bosco
Location: Titusville, NJ

The really fun thing about this track is that the flute part and the violin part were recorded entirely separately with zero knowledge of what the other had done. Oddly enough, the parts matched up nearly perfectly on the first take! Still to this day I've never met this violinist, though I'm very curious about this person who heard exactly what I heard but in harmony!

Date: 2002
Track: 祭ばやし (See video below)
Artist: JPC Band
Album: ぬ (NU)
Label: Sony Records
Location: Sony Studios, Tokyo, Japan

This track (pronounced "Matsuri Bayashi") was written and recorded with Hip Hop/Reggae group, JPC Band, whom I regularly performed with while living in Tokyo, Japan. The flute part at the beginning was supposed to sound like a traditional wooden/bamboo flute. As the song continues, it is meant to mimic the feel of a Japanese "Matsuri" ("Festival" in English). The video for this track was aired on MTV Japan and can be viewed below.

Click here to purchase "NU" from Sony Music.

Date: 1999
Track: The Difference
Artist: Actual Proof
Album: Urban Chronicals
Location: Boston, MA

"Urban Chronicals" was a compilation of Boston-based indie bands popular in the late 90s. Actual Proof is no longer in existence, but members included bassist, Stu Brooks & guitarist, DP Holmes of Matisyahu and Dub Trio, as well as prolific session drummer and performer, Deantoni Parks.
Date: 2018
Track: Lighthouses (See video below)
Artist:Darryl Bennett
Location: NJ

Collaboration on a piece written and performed by NJ-based saxophonist, Darryl Bennett. Darryl wrote this piece as if it were a duet sung by a man and woman- In this case, I'm performing the female role on flute. :) I actually knew Darryl prior to this recording, as we'd been on a job together for another artist. I was pleased to work with him on an original of his own!

Date: 2014
Track: Djawento (See video below)
Artist: Tiga Jean-Baptiste
Label: Indie
Location: NJ/NYC

Son of world-reknowned Hatian drum master, Bonga Jean-Baptiste, Tiga Jean-Baptiste has hit the world music scene with his eclectic mix of Haitian, African and tribal sounds. This particular track features Tiga on percussion, vocals and Mbira, a traditional instrument from Zimbabwe. I was asked to add just a touch of flute to the track to add another texture to the mix! See the 2015 video release for this track below:

Date: 2002
Track: Ame wa Furanai (Above The Clouds)
Artist: Jamainu
Album: Jamainu
Location: Tokyo, Japan

This was a fun track to record. Although it is primarily a Japanese hip-hop/RnB tune, the band decided to throw a bit of a Brazilian groove into the bridge. That's where I came into play! Listen for the improvised flute solo behind the vocals. This was the only album lead singer/rapper, Seiji Kameyama (aka "Wise"), released as "Jamainu," however, he later had his own successful solo project in Tokyo in addition to being a member of the Japanese hip-hop group, Terikyaki Boyz where collaborations with Busta Rhymes, Pharrell, Kanye West & Chris Brown were released.
Date: 2014
Track: Think On Such Things
Artist: Melnyce
Location: NJ

This track is by local inspirational singer/rapper, Melnyce. Melnyce was inspired to make a track centered around the sounds of the flute. I came into the studio with a blank slate and was told to just fiddle around until she heard a groove that she liked. The song's initial stage was a beat, built around a flute lick- then it grew from there. Everything I played was original improvised content.
Date: 2015
Track: Curious End
Artist: Vincent Mark
Location: Alexandria, VA

Singer/songwriter Vincent Mark and I connected through Instagram at the end of 2014 when he found some videos of me playing on my feed (@jaclynduncanmusic for those interested!). He reached out and asked if I'd add some flute lines to a folk track he was working on. Vince and I were able to meet up in Virginia while I was travelling through in early 2015 to try out the track and discuss some ideas. I actually did the recording remotely a few months later. Initially I'd sent three separate version for Vince to choose from, but in the process he loved the idea of layering flute lines and harmonies. The final product, as you can hear above, includes up to three flute lines at times, in harmony. This track is available for purchase on CDBaby.
Date: 2013
Track 7: How Beautiful the Feet (Handel)
Track 14: Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring (Bach)
Artist: Patricia Turse, Harpist
Album: This Is My Father's World
Location: NJ

This Is My Father's World is an album of spirituals and hymns centered around the harp playing of Patricia Turse, the harpist I perform most regulary with for special events in NJ, NY and PA. The string players on these tracks are also regular members of the Jaclyn Duncan Music team. The full album or individual tracks can be purchased on CDBaby.
Date: 2016
Track: Waking Up (Version 2)
Artist: On To Omaha
Location: Orlando, FL

Florida based metal band, On To Omaha had me add a little bit of flute to some of the softer parts of the song. It was neat to see how an instrument like the flute could be worked into a metal song! A few snippets are in the music player above.
Date: 2015
Track: Clay Birds
Artist: Carol Ann Debarros Groberg
App: The Animal's Carols
Location: NYC

Children's app for iPhone and Android featuring original Christmas carols. I was asked to double the melody for this piece, and add trills/runs that would mimic the sounds of birds, as directed verbally by the artist.

Other stuff!  

August 2019: Who said you can't do it on wheels? Yes, in addition to being a professional musician, I'm, what I suppose I'd call, a "semi-professional" roller skater! This clip is from Diner En Blanc Philadelphia with the Great On Skates Philly performance team. Lots more skate videos on my instagram, @rollingintune, or search hashtags #jaclynskates and #rollerflute.

December 2017: Jammin on Donny Hathaway's "This Christmas" with my girl Monique! This was all pretty spontaneous, and completely improvised on my end. You may have to hit the volume.. not sure why, but Facebook vids when embedded autoplay with the volume down by default!

Some spontaneous street jams during my January 2017 trip to Havana, Cuba with some locals. Chan Chan! 

Performing with one of the bands I play with, Gypsy Star 

Instagram Jams...

December 2015: Me on Flute & Guitar playing my original arrangement of a popular holiday carol.

Some split screen fun, featuring me on all parts! All my own arrangements besides the Bach, which is, well, Bach. 

Live jams! This first video was a 100% spontaneous and unrehearsed  "jump on stage with a friend" moment in Winter Park , FL. :)

I Wanna Be Like You from "The Jungle Book"

Jaclyn and Anthony jamming out to a little old school Jungle Book for this #ThrowBackThursday! Who remembers this song from childhood? I always loved this movie!

Posted by Jaclyn Duncan Music on Thursday, February 26, 2015

An improv jam at the end of an arrangement of "Eleanor Rigby" that our guitarist had put together for us to perform as a trio. 

An Instagram minute of a Mozart->Bizet custom arrangement we wrote for Flute, Guitar and Bass. 

And just for fun...Why not start your own parade? The Philly streets needed a little serenade on this chilly winter night!  :)