A Road Trip to Historic Smithville, New Jersey

Today’s beautiful bride, Laura, had us take a trip straight through the sandy pine barrens to reach her chosen venue in Smithville, NJ. After a leisurely drive down pine-lined back roads, we reached a lovely little village inn, surrounded by adorable gift shops and situated right next to a lake. What a perfect setting for a late summer wedding!

JDM performed as a Flute-Cello-Harp Trio for Laura’s wedding ceremony and cocktail hour. We started the evening out on the beautiful brick patio for the ceremony.


Laura looked lovely in her vintage-style ivory gown. Check out the little glass globes amidst the flowers on the pergola, and the gorgeous view of the lake just behind Laura and her husband!


Of course I had to get a few artsy photos too… That’s the harp on the left! :)


Great smile, Laura!


After playing a diverse cocktail hour set of Gershwin, Porter, Coldplay, OneRepublic, some Bossa Nova, Tango and Laura’s special request- “Cosmic Love” by Florence and the Machine, we packed up to get on the road. Mark, our cellist, spotted a sign on the way in for “Shrimp Wraps,” so he was very excited to grab a snack on the way home.

To our dismay, it actually said:


Well, we were close. Kinda shaped like a shark, right? Or a speedboat?

Instead of “shrimp wraps” we found a great little drive-in restaurant that had terrific steamed clams and absolutely scrumptious grilled mahi mahi sandwiches. YUM. It was the perfect end to a great day out on the road! Congrats Laura and thanks for inviting us to be part of your celebration! 


A beautiful lakeside wedding


Smithville Inn, Historic Smithville, NJ


Who was booked? 
JDM's Flute-Harp-Cello Trio

This page was actually written to read as a blog post- Enjoy the photos and anecdotes about our trip to perform
for Laura's wedding in South Jersey!