Recommended Beginner Roller Skates

If you've got $100-$200:

  • For Narrow Feet - Moxi Beach Bunny, Moxi Jungle, Moxi Panther, Candi Girl Carlins, Pacer Stratos
  • For Medium to Wide Feet - Riedell 111 Angel, Riedell Orbit, Chaya Melrose Deluxe, Chaya Elite, Jackson Finesse, Jackson Mystique, Rio Roller Signature, VNLA Parfait
  • For Wide Feet - Moxi Rainbow Rider, Sure Grip Malibu, Sure Grip Boardwalk, Sure Grip Fame
  • Avoid at all costs: Impala, Chicagos, Moonlight Roller (very similar to Impalas), C7 Skates, Altar'D, Angel Skates, Foxy Skates, DollsKill, PrettyFly, Gonex, Goupsky, JajaHoho, Nomintai Rollers, Raemo Rollers, Story Skates, Sunny Skates, Vivid Skates, Whip Skates, Steve Madden, anything generic from Amazon as well as any fashion company making skates.
    * Avoid any unusual descriptions like "Side by side" (meaning "quad skates"). 
    * Note: A plastic PLATE can be acceptable to start with. Plastic TRUCKS are not.

If you've got $200-$350:

  • For Narrow Feet - Moxi Lolly, Riedell Zone in Tan (narrower fit than the black ones- these are nearly identical to Moxi Lollys)
  • For Medium to Wide Feet -  Riedell Crew or the Riedell Zone in Black (D width), Chaya Melrose Premium, Edea Discovery package or options with Wave/Motivo, Jackson Vista, Jackson Supreme, Jackson Vibe, Luna Skates, Risport Venus or Antares packages, Crazy Evoke
  • Multiple Width Options - Riedell 120 Celebrity, Riedell Uptown

No matter which skates you choose, do not go by your shoe size! Use the online sizing charts for each brand and measure VERY carefully! For example, Riedell's black skates and most of the colored skates are in men's sizes however the white skates run a 1/2 size smaller and a bit narrower. It can be massively confusing, so you have to read every detail. Many skate manufacturers have downloadable sizing charts that you can use to measure your feet. Download them. And do it! 

Vendors (both online and local sales): 

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Just a few items from the collection:

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