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We are currently taking a break from stocking and selling instruments.

Please check back in with us in 2024.

Till then, happy music making!

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We're glad you are here and would love to help you find your next (or maybe first) flute, piccolo, clarinet, saxophone or trumpet! 

All of the used instruments we list for sale have been serviced with all necessary parts and adjustments by a professional repair technician, and have been extensively play-tested before selling to ensure your *new* instrument sounds no less than excellent! Even the "never owned" instruments listed here take a trip to the shop to make sure they play the best they can play. Every item comes with a hassle-free 7 day return policy to allow you to have the trial period you need.  

We look forward to helping you find the perfect instrument FOR YOU! 

 ~Jaclyn Duncan 

Attention customers! We are currently taking a break from stocking and selling instruments.
Check back in with us in 2024!

Till then, happy music making! 


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Unsure of what model is best for you or your child? I'd be happy to discuss makes, models, specs and more to help you find the best instrument for you!

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Student Flutes

Pre-Owned- Gemeinhardt, Buffet, and Armstrong flutes perfect for beginner students. $185-$295 

Jupiter Student Flutes

Pre-Owned- Models 507 and 511. Closed Hole, Silver Plated Head, Silver Plated Body and Foot, C Foot, Offset G- $250-$285

Curved Headjoint Flutes

Pre-Owned student flutes with curved headjoints, closed hole,  C foot, from $195-$295 - SOLD

Yamaha 225SII Student Flute

Pre-Owned- Now called "221" & "200AD"- Closed Hole, Silver Plated Head, Silver Plated Body and Foot, C Foot, Offset G, Made in Japan- from $295-$350- SOLD

Yamaha 221 and 200AD Flutes
Pre-Owned- now called "222", Closed Hole, Silver Plated Head, Silver Plated Body and Foot, C Foot, Offset G, Made in Japan- from $350-$425 SOLD

Yamaha 222 Flute

Current model, pre-owned, lightly used- Closed Hole, Silver Plated Head, Silver Plated Body and Foot, French Pointed Key Arms, C Foot, Offset G, $475 SOLD

Pearl 505RE Flute

Pre-Owned- Silver plated, PH-5J head joint, silver plated body, open hole, offset G, split E mechanism, C foot  - Price $475- SOLD

Armstrong 303B Flute

Pre-Owned- Open Hole, Solid Silver Headjoint, Silver Plated Body, B Foot, Inline G- $550- SOLD

Jupiter 611 Flute

Pre-Owned, Open Hole, Sterling Silver Headjoint, Silver Plated Body,  B Foot, Offset G- $650 SOLD

Yamaha 371 Allegro Series Flute 
Pre-Owned, Open Hole, Sterling Silver Headjoint with Gold Lip,  Silver Plated Body, B Foot, Offset G, Split E Mechanism- $895 - SOLD

Emerson ELD Flute 

Pre-Owned- Solid Silver Head Engraved Head, Sterling Silver Body and Foot, Open Hole, B Foot, Offset G- Like New! $875 - SOLD

Yamaha 481 Flute
LIKE NEW (overstock) Sterling Silver Headjoint, Sterling Silver Body, Open Hole, B Foot, Stamped "Made in Japan" - $1250 - SOLD

Gemeinhardt 4PSH Piccolo 

LIKE NEW, possibly never owned- Solid Silver Headjoint with Plastic Body, Silver Plated Keys, comes with documentation. $695 - SOLD

Gemeinhardt 4S Piccolo
Pre-Owned- Fully repadded and corked! Solid silver head and body, silver plated keys- $775

Check out a plethora of head joints here!

Fine tune your sound with head joints from Yamaha, Gemeinhardt, and Armstrong. Both pre-owned and "new old stock."

Silver Plated Yamaha Headjoint (Pre-owned)- $65 to $85

Brand New Sterling Silver Armstrong Headjoints (multiple thin wall models with or without Gold Lip Plate)- $295

Brand New Gemeinhardt Solid Silver Headjoints (all models with or without Gold Lip Plate)- $325-375

Sterling Silver Yamaha Headjoint with Gold Lip (Near Mint)- $375

Yamaha EC Cut Sterling Silver Headjoint w/ Gold Lip- SOLD

Boston Legacy Grenadilla Wood Headjoint- Price $600

Powell Sterling Silver Philharmonic Headjoint with 14K Gold Riser- $1150- SOLD

Drelinger Grenadilla Piccolo Headjoint (Pre-owned)- SOLD

NEW in Box: Yamaha Cases for Student Flutes
Replace that old beat up case with a fresh one! $35 or $25 when buying a student flute.

Compact Foldable Flute Stand- $13 or $10 with any flute.

Leblanc Double Layer Silver Polishing Cloth- $9 or $7 with any flute.

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Bundy 1242 by Selmer and Jupiter 769 Alto Saxophones 
The perfect beginner horns! $400-$450, new cases and new accessories

Selmer AS300 and AS500 Alto Saxophones
More great student horns ready to go! Comes with everything you need to start playing today! New case and new accessories-$425-$450

Artley Clarinets

Model 18S, these are a wonderful affordable instrument for beginning band students. $200

Jupiter 631 II Clarinets

The Jupiter 631 is a great alternative to pricier student models from Yamaha and Buffet. Plays great and in like-new condition! $250-$295

Buffet B12 Clarinets

Pre-owned B12's ready to play! These great student model clarinets are well built and play great! $250-$375

Getzen 490WC Student Trumpet
Reliable and strong, a perfect instrument for a new student! $325-$500