Haynes Amadeus AF600 Flute

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Haynes Amadeus AF600 Flute with a Sterling Silver Haynes Classic Handcut Headjoint, Silver Plated Body, Open Holes, Offset G and B foot with Gizmo Key. 

Wow, does this flute get a beautiful sound! The handcut headjoint designed by Haynes provides a smooth and even tone from top to bottom. Additionally, this flute has a nice light action.

A little more on Amadeus flutes from the Haynes website:

" The passion and craftsmanship that has been associated with Wm. S. Haynes flutes since 1888 emanates through every Amadeus flute. The master flutemakers design and work on each flute before it leaves the Boston workshop. Each flute is set-up by a professional at the Boston Haynes Shop right before it is shipped, ensuring the pads are sealed evenly and the mechanism feels crisp.

For decades, discerning flutists have chosen Haynes for "that sound" - a beautiful core with rich colors. Continuing that tradition, Amadeus flutes come standard with a professional Haynes Classic handcut headjoint. The heart of the flute is trusted to the same master headjoint maker who handcuts all Haynes professional headjoints. The Classic headjoint allows you to explore a wide range of tone colors with depth and agility."

Haynes AF600 RBO Flute

Beautiful flute, hot off the repair tech's bench and 100% playtested. Several new pads, all sealing perfectly with a light tough! Plays with a big full sound from high to low. The Haynes Classic headjoint really sings! Comes with french style inner case and soft, fur-lined outer case. This model is currently selling for $1500-$1600 new.

Comes with original slim-line French case and hole plugs. 

Photos coming soon! May 2017. Inquire now.

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Online Buyers: I accept payment via PayPal only and will ship this flute USPS Priority for an additional $25 to locations within the continental US.  7% sales tax will be added for items shipped to NJ locations. I will accept returns within 7 days of purchase for US sales with instrument returned in the same condition it was sold in. Buyer pays shipping.  Please contact me for international shipping rates. No returns will be accepted on international sales.