Muramatsu GX Handmade Flute

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Open Hole Muramatsu Flute with Sterling Silver Headjoint, Sterling Silver Body and Foot, Silver Plated Keys/Mechanism, B foot with Gizmo Key, White Gold Springs and Inline G. Considered an advanced/professional flute.

This is a "NEW OLD STOCK" flute that has never been sold or owned

This particular instrument has an interesting story. It was initially ordered for government purchase in 1990 (to be used in a military band) and was then lost in a stock room for many years. Believed to be stolen, it was forgotten about until a month ago when it turned up tucked away on the back of a shelf in the retailers second location, completely covered in tarnish! Obviously, thrilled to find this flute (albeit 14 years later...), we are now offering it to you!

A quick call to Muramatsu revealed that it is an early GX model flute. Made in 1990, unlike the current GX series, this flute has Y arms. The GX flutes didn't begin having French arms until 1995. Muramatsu quoted the replacement value for this flute at $5900 (this is the price that the current GX series flutes are selling at). It is an entirely hand made instrument and sounds just lovely. Since it was sitting for so long, our tech has given it a once over to assure that it is in top playing condition for it's first official owner (and of course, we removed all the tarnish too!). Given the handling involved in servicing/cleaning/play-testing, it does show some small marks/faint scratches here and there, but is otherwise essentially a brand new flute. 

Comes with a French style slimline case and soft leather outer case as well as the other original accessories- A cleaning rod, cloth and registration card.

Email or call 917-400-1658 with questions or to set up an appointment in or around Lawrenceville, NJ. 


Online Buyers: I accept payment via PayPal only and will ship this flute USPS Priority for an additional $35 to locations within the continental US.  Additional shipping insurance optional. 7% sales tax will be added for items shipped to NJ locations. I will accept returns within 7 days of purchase for US sales. with instrument returned in the same condition it was sold in. Buyer pays shipping.  Please contact me for international shipping rates. No returns will be accepted on international sales.