Yamaha 222, 221 & 200AD Flutes

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Closed Hole Flute with Silver Plated Headjoint, Body & Keys, C foot, and Offset G. Considered a beginner/student flute. 

Yamaha student flutes are great instruments, often getting a better sound than intermediate model flutes made by their competitors. If I were to recommend a beginner flute model, a Yamaha 200 series flute would be it. The model 222 is a current model. The 221 and 200AD (Yamaha Advantage Series) are both carried new by many stores, but the model 221 is slowly being replaced by the 222. These models sell new for between $850 and $1000. 

Yamaha 221 v. Yamaha 200AD v. Yamaha 222

I am frequently asked, "What is the difference between the model 221 and the model 200AD? And now they have that new 222 too.. Help!" And my answer: "There is almost no difference at all." The 221 and 200AD are the same flute just with a different name and in a different case. Unlike the 221, the 200AD is only sold by select retailers who work regularly with Yamaha- that is the only distinction. The two models have identical specs and play with the same feel and sound. All parts are interchangeable as well. The model 222 is basically a glorified 221 as it has "French Pointed Key Arms" instead of "Y Arms" like you see on the earlier models. This is merely a cosmetic change and does not affect playability at all (basically a way for Yamaha to raise their prices!) 

No. 2- Yamaha 221- $350 

This flute is in great cosmetic condition with only light surface wear. As with all our flutes, it has recently been serviced and play tested to ensure quality! Comes with case and cleaning rod. A great flute for a beginner player! 

Inquire for an appointment in Lawrenceville, NJ or to purchase online. 

NOTE! 10/7/19 We currently have a several Yamaha 221 and 225SII student flutes on the way priced from $325 to $425. Inquire for more info on each of these as we won't be listing each individual flute. 

Photos coming soon! Inquire by email/text. Thank you! 

No. 2 - Yamaha 225S, 225SII - From $295 to $350 

Click to see model 225S and 225SII flutes that are currently available. These are the older versions of the model 221. They play very similarly and all parts of interchangeable. This is a great option if you want to stay under $400 but still get the sound quality and reliability of a Yamaha flute!

Email JDMinstrumentsales@gmail.com or call 917-400-1658 with questions or to set up an appointment in or around Lawrenceville, NJ. 

Online Buyers: We accept payment via PayPal and will ship this flute USPS Priority for an additional $20 to locations within the continental US. 7% sales tax will be added for items shipped to NJ locations. We will accept returns within 7 days of purchase with instrument returned in the same condition it was sold in. Buyer pays shipping.  International customers: Please inquire about shipping costs to your location.  No returns will be accepted on international sales.